Ordering and Shipping info

Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Jewelry Awesomeness

Ordering and Shipping info

Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Jewelry Awesomeness

Ordering and Shipping info


Fully paid orders can be collected from Blink Juwele in Groenkloof.
Please see this page for full details.



Visit the Pep (Paxi) website for full details here

Square Pudo Logo


Visit the Pudo (The Courier Guy) website for full details here

Postnet (R110 POSTNET TO POSTNET 2 – 3 working days AFTER SHIPPED)

Visit the Postnet  website for full details here


We make use of Yoco for secure online payments.

You can also opt for offline EFT payments


With all the respect in the world to our customers kindly note the following. It is our policy to NEVER promise a client that needs a gift on SHORT notice for a special occasion like a BIRTHDAY to have this done on time. The reason we do this, is very simple to understand, but I will highlight it here for ease of use. There are too many outside factors like for instance load shedding, courier delivery times and availability of staff to make such promises. We will NEVER promise delivery on or by a certain date/time as we have no control over this. We can however give you an estimate on when your parcel will be dispatched and when custom work like engraving would be finished.

Bad planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our side! We have to think of all our clients and cannot bring everyone to a standstill to try and ensure last minute orders will be completed.

However, we will ensure that all orders are sent out in timely fashion as the details thereto pertain in this

For full details of the current status of processing times and possible delivery delays please visit your accounts page.

Please note that custom orders including engraving and cutwork (personalized bracelets and pendants) are not included in this schedule for delivery. Once these orders have been made, according to the respective manufacturing periods, it will be shipped in accordance herewith


Engraving can take up to 10 working days to complete depending on the amount of orders “in line”. We usually finish engraving much sooner than this but will rather over deliver on our promises! Kindly take note of the following. If your requested engraving exceeds the allowed space on the item you will be contacted to change the amount, size, content of the engraving to make sure it fits. If you have placed an online order and omitted to include the engraving details in the order notes, you will be contacted at the soonest by Blink Juwele to send us the engraving details. If these is delayed on your part, the schedule for completion of engraving will be calculated from the time we receive the engraving details and not from the date you paced the order


Custom work including but not limited to Sterling Silver Jewelry can take up to 14 working days to manufacture depending on the work load.

These days does not include weekends and/or public holidays

Delivery notes pertaining to public holidays

Packages are not shipped nor delivered on weekends and local public holidays. Public holidays may affect delivery times. This is not the policy of Blink Juwele but the respective courier companies. We do understand that this might impact your expected delivery time. Kindly be aware of upcoming public holidays when placing your order. We cannot rush orders or push them forward to accommodate the delivery as a result of public holidays and the effect they might have on said deliveries. We will however aim to get your order in your hands as soon as possible


Orders in the processing stage (successfully ordered online or offline and fully paid for) will only be cancelled in certain instances. Custom orders and especially engraving orders that are in processing cannot be cancelled for any reason. We do apologize if this cases any inconvenience.


1) When will I get my order? Please see our shipping and processing times below.

Items purchased and paid for (cleared in our account) between 11am on a Monday and 11am Thursday will be processed by the Blink Juwele office the following day.

Items in processing will be shipped 2 – 3 days thereafter (not including weekends and public holidays and Friday’s)
Transit times will depend on the delivery services’ schedules as set put on this page. Please note that NO courier service operates om weekends. Because we want to minimize and eliminate parcels laying in a warehouse over the weekend, we do not dispatch parcels on a Friday. This is not a set rule, but keep in mind that there will be no difference in transit and delivery times if a parcel is booked in on a Friday compared to being booked in on a Monday.

Items purchased on Fridays and over weekends will be processed on Mondays and will be shipped within 3 days thereafter from the the Blink Juwele office. Transit times will depend on the delivery services’ schedules as set put on this page

No order will be processed before payment reflects in our account. Please take note of the courier services’ transit times as set out on this page


In the unlikely event that an order is shipped later than these times we will communicate with you in advance

*Please take note that personalized orders (including engraving) can take up to 10 working days to make*

2) How will my order be delivered ?

PAXI: Delivery via PEP STORES at a flat shipping OF R60 rate to your nearest PEP STORE

PUDO (The Courier Guy): Delivery via THE COURIER GUYS PUDO SERVICE at a flat shipping OF R60 rate to your DOOR or to your nearest Pudo Locker (Your choice)

Postnet: Delivery via the Postnet service will be sent to your chosen Postnet location at a flat rate of R110.

3) What happens if my parcel is damaged or lost?

If your parcel is sent with Pudo (The Courier Guy), Postnet or Paxi (Pep to Pep) and goes missing or is damaged it will be replaced at our cost after an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the missing or damaged parcel are established. “After investigation” in this case means that it will be deemed completed when the courier company has given us a final answer to the reasons behind the damages or missing parcels. We unfortunately do not have any timeframe that we can provide for this. Your patience in this regard will be appreciated.

4) Does couriers deliver to my area?

Couriers does not deliver to the following areas: Mines, Power Stations, Plots/Farms, Military Bases, Game Lodges, Ports/Harbors, Embassies and Consulates.

Every town in South Africa has a Pep store (according to their website)

5) What happens if  The Courier Guy , Postnet or Pep doesn’t deliver to my area?

If  Postnet, Pudo (The Courier Guy) or Paxi (Pep to Pep) doesn’t deliver to your area we will ship the order via the SA Post office Parcel Mail
delivered to your nearest post office.

6) I live on a farm or plot, will The Courier Guyor Pep deliver to me?

No,  Pudo (The Courier Guy) or Paxi (Pep to Pep) will not deliver to a farm or plot.
You will need to provide us with a Postnet or Pep’s (Paxi) details in the closest town for delivery to be effected.

7) Can you post my order?

We prefer not to use the post office as they are unreliable. We will only send via the
post office if the buyer accepts full liability for the arrival of the parcel. What that means is we will post it and
give you a tracking number. Thereafter we are not responsible for the arrival of the parcel, nor can we enter into any
correspondence relating to the arrival of the parcel. If for whatever reason the parcel doesn’t arrive or is late we
will accept no liability for this.

8) Will the Delivery Service I choose communicate with me?

Pudo (The Courier Guy), Postnet and Paxi (Pep to Pep) does communicate with customers like you.

9) What happens if I don’t pick up my parcel at Pep or Postnet?

Paxi and Postnet will continuously send sms notifications until your parcel is collected. In the event that you do not collect your parcel, the parcel will be stored at the local Postnet or Pep. Storage charges may apply and differs from Pep/Postnet branch to branch

10) What happens if I am not available if The Courier Guy delivers?

The Courier Guy will try and contact you via your provided cellphone number to facilitate delivery. If they cannot make contact with you or you are not home/at the office to receive your parcel, the said parcel will be returned to the nearest depot. The Courier Guy will again try to successfully deliver your parcel the next day and so on. At their discretion, the will eventually stop trying to deliver at your provided address and keep the parcel at their depot where you have the opportunity to collect it yourself. In the unlikely event that you do not pick up your parcel at their depot, they will eventually discard this parcel. All the movement of your parcel will be well documented on the PUDO system and should the above scenario happen and you do not collect your parcel AND it is discarded, you will have no claim against Blink Juwele or The Courier Guy.

11) I left an incorrect delivery address in the order. Now what?

Leaving an incorrect shipping address or will cause delays in the dispatch and delivery of your order. If your order has already been dispatched it will cause delays in the arrival of the parcel as we will have to notify Pudo (The Courier Guy), Postnet and Paxi of the new delivery address. If your parcel has already been delivered to the wrong address (as stated by you), the onus will be on you to arrange delivery with your choice of courier company to collect your parcel at the wrong address and deliver it to you. Please understand that Blink Juwele handles hundreds of online orders every week and details provided by clients cannot be verified and are deemed to be correctly entered by the purchaser.

12) I have paid for my order, when is it being sent?

Orders paid at checkout will be sent out as per our shipping and processing time schedule above.
Orders that are paid at checkout will be dispatched within 3 working days of receipt of a cleared payment (ie: the funds reflecting in our bank account).

13) Why is my order taking longer to process?

Extra-ordinary orders may take longer to process.
An extra ordinary order is an order that comprises more than 40 items in it or an order comprising of more than 10 items
of the same type or orders that include custom sizes (that include but are not limited to bracelets, necklaces and earrings)

14) I want to collect my order ?

Fully paid orders (cleared in our account) can be collected from Blink Juwele in Groenkloof.
Please see this page for full details.

Collection of orders by third parties should be confirmed in writing before intended collection. These requests/confirmations must ne sent to sales@blinkjuwele.co.za and should state your order number as well as the person collection on your behalf (name and surname as well as contactable details)

15) I want to come and buy products from your premises!

We do not have physical retail premises, retail staff, or payment facilities on our premises and do not accommodate for walk in customers. Due to security reasons we are non negotiable on this.

16) Free delivery.

Free delivery applies to orders of R 1000 and above (spent on the site). For the full terms and conditions of our free shipping offer please click here. Spent on site means the amount that you pay for your order. Keep in mind that discounts and coupons can cause your R1000 purchase to be in fact less than R1000 and therefore will not qualify that specific purchase for free deliver. Please read section 17 on this page.

17) Order Tracking

As soon as we have dispatched your order we will notify you via email regarding your tracking number